Introduction of qom province



Geographical Information:

 the extent of Qom province is 11240 square kilometers and it is located between the 340 tropic, 15 minutes to 35 tropics and 15 minutes of North width to the equator and 50 tropic and 30 minutes of the eastern length to Greenwich meridian, and it is located an the central part of Iran. The whole extent of the country.Qom province has a lot of mountains, that the most famous of them are valija which is 3330 meters height, takt -e- sar Huz which is 3193 meters height in south of Qom. Approximately, 25 percent of the province is mountainous, valley and the reminder is plain and field water resources:

Most of this province flows from west to east, south to north. The most important rivers are Qarechai, Qomrud (Anarbar) and the minor rivers are Emamzadeh Esmil, Bidhend (Abarjas)Qaresoei,Tuqrud.
Karaj salty river and jajrud flows from north to Tehran and finally enter the salt Lake. Meanwhile there are some seasonal rivers which enter Huze- sultan lake from north of the province.

Emamzadeh Esmail Dam, Kebar dam, and senjegan dam had been made to provide the necessary water for agriculture and underground water resources. Some important dams also have been constructed on the river. Kebar dam is one of the dams which has been registered by Qom general office of tourism and cultural heritage and it is the oldest curved dam of the world base on the documents.
One of the most important reservoir dam is panzdah Khordad dam. This dame has been constructed out of the province to provide the drinking water of the people


The most important economical sources of Qom province, is tourism industry, specially religious tourism. The holy shrine of Hadrat Masoumeh (s.) receives many pilgrims during all the seasons who come to Qom from different cities of Iran and other countries. This condition affects the jobs market and economy very much.
Secondly, after the tourism industry other industries and mines, agriculture, handicrafts, souvenirs, are some of the important economical sources of this province, of course handicrafts and souvenirs development are completely related to the tourism development.
Salafchegan special economical zone is a place for the economical development of this province.
There are three hunting parks in different parts of Qom province and animal’s varieties can be considered as the potentials of tourism development and attracting economical incomes for the people.

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